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Sequencing of Asanas

All yoga poses are done in a relationship with all others or vinyasa krama. Therefore, the effect of each pose can be measured in part by the pose that came before it and the one that comes after it.  Working in this way will not only take you deeper into the pose but it will also allow your body to warm up slowly, which in turn will prevent injuries. 

The sequences we offer and have compiled are based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar. The names of asanas are given in Sanskrit and can be practiced with or without props (or unless specified)

We will compile 3 different kinds of sequences: Essential, Energizing and Restorative sequences.

Essential Sequences

Your body will be put through its full range of motion - these asanas and sequences are devised for daily practice.

 Energizing Sequences

Alternate these sequences and asanas with the daily essential sequences to increase circulation in the body.

 Restorative Sequences

Asanas and sequences designed to recharge and restore the body and calm the nervous systems

If you are not familiar with any of the asanas or variations, please write to us

and we will gladly assist you.

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Sequence 1 - a complete and balanced sequence focusing mainly on standing poses and inversions.

Sequence 2 - the focus is on forward extensions and inversions.

Sequence 3 - a dynamic sequence including standing poses, abdominal contractions, forward bends, twists and extensive shoulder balance cycle

Sequence 4 - Surya Namaskar cycle, forward extensions, twists and inversions

Sequence 5 - this sequence contains mainly forward bends - and in this sequence should be done dynamically - rather more repetitions,  than long holds.

Sequence 6 - abdominal asanas in a balanced and complete sequence.

Sequence 7 - a dynamic backbend sequence

Sequence 8 - back extensions 

Sequence 9 - a balanced and complete sequence with extended an inversion cycle

Sequence 10 - this sequences focuses on forward extensions

Sequence 11 - a restorative sequence for men - ladies remove the inversions and you can enjoy this sequence as well

Sequence 12 - a restorative sequence for women (guys you can enjoy this sequence as well)

Sequence 13 - a sequence of basic Iyengar yoga asanas

Sequence 14 - a general sequence with standing poses, backbends and inversions

Sequence 15 - a standing poses sequence 

Sequence 16 - seated poses and forward extensions

Sequence 17 - Dynamic sequence

Sequence 18 - short restorative sequence

Sequence 19 - dynamic sequence

Sequence 20 - dynamic sequence

Sequence 21 - essential sequence

Sequence 22 - energizing sequence

Sequence 23 - essential sequence

Sequence 24 - essential sequence

Sequence 25 - energizing sequence

Sequence 26 - essential sequence

Sequence 27 - energizing sequence

Sequence 28 - restorative sequence

Sequence 29 - energizing sequence

Sequence 30 - essential sequence